Ep 5 Project ZENdurance: Overtraining Signs, IMTX Race Plan and Goals

May 15, 2015

IMG_1217Our ongoing series with Brett from the Zen Triathlon podcast continues, be sure to listen to episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, and episode 4 first!

In this show we’ve strung together a couple recent conversations between Tawnee and Brett.

Part 1 deals with stress, symptoms of overtraining, and more, using Brett’s situation as an example:
-reactive hypoglycemia
-what is reactive hypoglycemia, the symptoms and how to resolve it
-glucose monitoring for athletes
-Brett’s battle with vitiligo
-the gut-brain-skin connection
-chronic stress leading to an exacerbation of skin conditions
-pressure to perform

More resources:
Reactive hypoglycemia 
-Chris Kresser on stress, gut, skin and overtraining 

Part 2 is the pre-IMTX race plan and goal-setting chat.
-Feedback on final taper workouts, HR issues, etc
-Brett’s past performances at IMTX and using those splits to guide this year’s goals
-Gauging past and future performances
-How hard to go on the bike
-HR or watts for Brett on the bike?
-IM wattage based on FTP
-How to execute the run
-Realistic goals for Brett based on past runs at texas
-Nutrition protocol