Sports Nutrition: 5 New Superfoods to Add in Your Diet, Using Carbs in A Race if You’re Fat-Adapted

December 23, 2012

Ben joins the show to answer your questions on the top 5 foods that you’re (probably) not eating and should add into your diet in 2013, good online nutrition log/data software, the best kinds of magnesium (i.e. citrate? oxide? glycinate?) and dosage for athletes plus a follow-up from ATU on Mg in Skratch Labs Drink Mix, why it’s not advisable to go completely without carbs during a race even if you’re in ketosis/fat-adapted (and the minimum amount of carbs you need to get by), peanut butter and honey as ultra fuel, what to eat drink after a PM workout that’s right before bed, an allergy to chicken and turkey and what to do, and more.

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  • George Peyton says:

    Good Post

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