Sports Nutrition: Ben on Fasting and IF, Carb Needs for Athletes Based on Intensity, Lower-Sugar Sports Drinks and Fat Adaptation, Weight-Loss Resources, and More

June 29, 2014
We are joined by Ben Greenfield for this episode of Sports Nutrition, to answer your questions on:
-Nutrition/fueling for obstacle racing
-What does Ben think of the hypothesis and ideas presented by Ray Cronise, which were featured on a recent podcast with Tawnee.
-Fasting and intermittent fasting – what defines IF and when is it safe to do, when to avoid
-What type of fasting protocol should one implement for weight loss (# days to fast, etc)
-Carb needs per day (in grams) for the following exercise intensities  (especially for female athletes):
easy: 40-60g CHO
medium: 60-100g CHO
hard: 100-150g CHO
extreme: ad libitum; whatever you want

-should you eat even if not hungry but knowing it’s your only chance due to busy schedule?
-sports nutrition drinks that have some sugar like Skratch and Osmo — can they be consumed by those trying to become fat adapted, or avoid?
-when using nut-butter based gels, should we need to be as diligent on drinking water with them like the carb/sugar-based ones?
-fueling/carb needs for short tough races/events like TTs, cyclocross, and events around 1 hour or less at/near max
-when choosing a quality Stevia extract what additives to avoid, and what to looks for in a good product
-Good books and resources on weight loss, why we get fat, etc. Including: Belly Fat Effect: The Real Secret About How Your Diet, Intestinal Health, and Gut Bacteria Help You Burn by Mike Mutzel.