Sports Nutrition: Ben’s ‘Rebuttal’ to Matt Fitzgerald, Best and Worst Magnesium Supplements, Get Rid of Gas, Caff vs. Decaf, The Deal on Sugar Alcohols, and More

February 2, 2014

Ben Greenfield is back! On this show we hear:

-Ben’s take on Matt Fitzgerald’s stance on sports nutrition, including the use of certain supplements, specific diets, and more

-Being aware of and avoiding food/drink additives

-Recommendations for magnesium supplements — pill, liquid, transdermal, brands, and why. Plus what to avoid?

-Is Magnesium Stearate really that bad?

-What’s causing bad gas (is it poor-quality beer?!) and natural ways to treat gas

-Can you drink decaf coffee and still decrease/reset adenosine receptors

-Caffeine and Decaf blending

-The lowdown on sugar alcohols

-maple syrup as fuel on long runs (or honey?)

-and more!
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