Sports Nutrition with Dr. Tamsin Lewis: Heart Health, Hydration in Heat, Concussion Recovery, Alcohol Before a Race, and More

May 27, 2014
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We’re joined by Dr. Tamsin Lewis, pro triathlete, for an episode of Sports Nutrition (and other health and wellness topics) to discuss the following:

-Tamsin’s recent bike crash during a 70.3 and how she recovered quickly in order to race again
-That first half-Ironman and how to figure out the right nutrition to avoid bonk
-Can getting nutrition “wrong” have short- and long-term ill effects?
-Is it dangerous to start long-distance triathlon at a young age? Do you have any tips for young athletes?
-Alcohol in weeks/days leading up to a big race — cut it out or is 1 drink still ok?
-Tips on hydration in heat for ultra racing and more on the physiology of exercising in heat and how that affects nutrition/fluid intake.
-and More!

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One Comment

  • Stan D says:

    Love the Tamsin Lewis segments, always interesting to hear the cross section of being a pro athlete and a medical professional

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