The Spartan Death Race: Do You Dare?

May 14, 2011
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On this special episode of Endurance Planet we talk with Joe DeSena, the mastermind behind the Spartan Death Race, which is touted as the world’s toughest obstacle/adventure race that takes place in Vermont in June. Listen to find out about the Spartan Death Race, the extraordinary participants who enter, the athletic prowess of DeSena and much more. Then ask yourself: Do you think you have what it takes to be a participant in the Spartan Death Race? If it sounds like too much, don’t fret: In addition to the Spartan Death Race, DeSena and his team also put on the Spartan Races for “regular people.”

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  • […] The Death Race has been in existence for six years and though there is a legacy and reputation behind the infamous race for competitors there is no discernible pattern, no way to predict what is coming next, or what might be included from event to event.  Creator’s Joe DeSena and Andy Weinberg make sure that the event maintains it’s original design: a race that a competitor can’t possibly train for or prepare for in advance.  Joe DeSena spoke at length about the spirit of the Death Race in a recent interview with Endurance Planet. […]

  • […] You can click here for an Endurance Planet audio interview with the Spartan Death Race race director Joe DeSana and get filled in on the nitty-gritty details, but here’s the cliff notes: […]

  • […] In my response to Angela, I mention the Endurance Planet interview about the Spartan Death Race. […]

  • […] there. But that’s what the tough mudder is vs. the Spartan Death Race.  By the way, over at, we’ve interviewed the guy who is the mastermind behind the Spartan Death Race and in my opinion, […]

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