Week of Kona: Nutrition Plans of The World’s Best Age Groupers at the Ironman World Championships

October 14, 2013

We’ve been among all these folks who made it to Kona, and we wanted to find out what they use for fuel. On this show, we feature 13 triathletes – 12 amateurs and 1 pro – who qualified or got a spot for Kona sharing their sports nutrition details for the Ironman World Championships. Specifically, we’ll hear what some of the world’s best are having for their race-morning breakfast (and when) and what their full nutrition plan entail for the Hawaii Ironman. We spoke to all these folks prior to the race, and many of them expected to have some very speedy finishing times. As a bonus: we wrap up this episode with a very special story of one woman who’s racing as a Kona Inspired athlete.

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